Everything you need to know about Silph Co.

Early BeginningsEdit

Back in the day it was a rag-tag team of inventors in the Faraway Region. JB was impressed by their inventions and ingenuity, as well as creativity, and decided they should recieve the recognition they deserve, and brought them along on his journey. When Lithos was first founded, most of the money was put towards funding the Silph Co. which was essentially their R & D department. They were able to create brand new inventions and refined outdated technology, which revolutionized the entire Pokémon World. 

The Organization TodayEdit

The Original Team of Inventors from the Faraway Region have long since been ousted by an unknown team of malevolent benefactors. This mysterious group now runs Silph Co., manufacturing all of it's inventions and created new models and outsourcing all of it's labor - while at the same time lurking in the shadows of crooked deals and Gang Lords.

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