Selena's Trainer Sprite

All you need to know about Selena.

Back StoryEdit

She was young and wild. She was orphaned at the age of 6, after being abandoned by her father when she was 8 months old, and then left up to the state at 6 when her mother commited suicide.

She was usually alone, and often beaten for speaking her mind and standing up for others. After she was 10 she befriended a Pokémon, but was beaten to prevent her from trying to become a trainer. In the dead of night she fled with her Buneary to become a true trainer.

When she was 14, she was kidnapped and about to be sold as a sex slave, until Agatha jumped in and saved her. In that instant they became friends, Selena thanked her, almost drawn to tears, but Agatha ordered her to stuff it. They were friends, she informed her, and friends do not need to thank each other for doing something nice, it is expected of by friends solely because they are FRIENDS.

She was perplexed, and said she never met her, but Agatha said she had, she was the girl on the playground who was bullied because of her pure white hair, and recalls Selena saying to the mean kids "Her hair is beautiful, it is pretty and white like snow...I like snow... if you think shes a freak then you hate christmas, and santa, and snack time." They both laughed, recalling that it had happened 7 years ago, but Agatha said she never forgot that moment. 

It was because of her selflessness that they became firends, and because of her idea that all people deserve kindness because kindness and happiness does not discriminate, that they formed their group for justice, a group to spread joy and happiness and justice to all people. The two eventually meet Samuel Oak while he is out observing Pokémon, and they allow him into their group.

Who is she?Edit

The player's love interest!

Off screen, before the game starts, Sam spends time with Selena to get to know her better after being very well aquainted with Agatha. During this time, Sam and Selena run into the player, a friend already of Sam. Sam introduces the two to each other, and they become friends - It should be noted that in-game, upon recieving your starter, Selena is there before you recieving one as well from the Professor, despite already owning an unofficial one, Buneary. However, upon arrival, the Player is already knows the two (Selena and Prof. Maple) signified by their names being shown at the start of the Mini-Cutscene, as opposed to appearing first as "???" and "????".