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Everything you need to know about Prof. Maple


She is an engineering prodigy who came from the Faraway Region along with JB and his crew and was meant to be the researcher in the "New World" which became the Lithos Region. She is very interested in how technology affects people and Pokémon which would help the founders of Lithos. At a very young age she helped in the devolpment of the Pokéball - which is now mass produced by Silph Co..Currently she is still very interested in how Pokémon are affected by all technology, and especially Pokéballs.

Her RoleEdit

She came to Lithos at a young age with JB because she was renowned as a child prodigy. Her significant role in the aspect of Pokémon research and engineering was astounding for such a young child, and because of this, JB asked for her company to which she eagerly agreed. Years later, at the age of 46, she runs a Pokémon Laboratory as she studies the affects of technology on Pokémon. She gives trainers their first Pokémon as a regional Professor, but different trainers recieve different Pokémon.