Outfit show off

Showing the Outfit menu.

All the information you need to explain the "Outfit" feature.


Have you ever played a Pokémon game, and thought "I look cool...but I wish I could make my own, or customize my character"? Well, too bad. So far, the outfits will replace your character sprite, and not allow the ability to mix and match features, though I may eventually add this. Currently the Outfits are cross-timeline efficient, meaning if you travel between the past, present or future, your outfit not only changes with the time, but also stays the same (ie, if you're dressed as Red in the present, and go to the past, you will remain in the Red outfit.

When the Game is officially released, only the Male+Female Outfits wll be given at the start, and all others must be obtained in some manner. However, being a beta, my gift to the player will be the ability to use all completed Outfits at the time of the release. (Though, understand, they are useable, and may not be entirely functional.)