Here is a list and description of each Gym Leader and their town they are in, as well as a list of all the Gym Masters

Cyan CityEdit

1. Ursula -  Holder of the Basic Badge

2. ???     -  Holder of the Contra Badge

Stannum CityEdit

1. Ryann - Holder of the Flutter Badge

2. Roxie   - Holder of the Terrain Badge


1. Martin    - Holder of the Polarity Badge

2. Morigan - Holder of the Etheral Badge


1. ??? - Holder of the 

2. Yuu - Holder of the Conflagration Badge


1. ???       - Holder of the 

2. Malcom - Holder of the 

Gym MastersEdit


2. Joey - Holder of the Void Badge

3. Scarlett - Holder of the Red Ribbon Badge

4. Brosiedon - Holder of the Torrent Badge

5. Atrophinius - Holder of the Miasma Badge

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